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Trucking Company Loans: Where to Go?

In a continuously growing industry, it’s becoming harder and harder to find trucking company loans. But AA Bankers is a financing company with everything a trucker company could want. Here’s why:

The Trucking & Logistics industry is moving in a direction that makes it difficult for trucking companies and owner-operators to follow. Car Carriers and transportation companies are beginning to feel the effects of these trends in recent years. Trucking in general has become an increasingly competitive industry, with thousands of drivers nationwide bidding and taking on loads.

Consider the extended pay periods these load providers insist upon. Think about the plummeting prices of loads nationwide. The increasing costs incurred by owner-operators and trucking companies like the rising prices of insurance, fuel, and the repair and maintenance costs necessary to maintain a truck. Let alone, a fleet of trucks it is no surprise that many are leaving the industry.

At AA Bankers, our focus is how we can become the puzzle piece that can transform your trucking company from a mess of expenses and waiting, into a well-oiled machine. And then we make sure expenses no longer choke your business. You’ll no longer wonder why you ever entered the industry to begin with.

Why AA Bankers?

AA Bankers began over 5 years ago in the business of providing financing for bankable and un-bankable businesses and individuals. As time went on trucking and logistics became a major part of our portfolio. With trucking came the opportunity to get involved in invoice Factoring. Now as a Factor and Finance company we are in the unique position of being able to offer our clients both services in one place. AA Bankers was born out of a colored background in insurance brokering and insurance tracking. AAB has an additional resource advantage that can be weaponized and used to the advantage of our clients. We work alongside our sister company, Financial Insurance Brokers or FIB.

Your One-Stop Shop

With that said, here at AA Bankers we want to become that one-stop-shop for trucking. Our Finance side can get you in the game with your first truck. Or we can fund an expansion of your business by means of our industry leading rates on truck and trailer.

Along with traditional financing options, AAB is equipped to offer Repair Financing, by utilizing our extensive network of repair shops to help you get back on the road sooner and cheaper. Aside from traditional financing options, AAB has a dedicated Factoring arm that is committed to providing our clients competitive rates, fuel card advantages, a referral program to earn residual income as a driver*, and access to all the other services AAB provides.

Are You a Trucking Company Operator?

We are a Direct Lender. Our Factoring arm is equipped to fund owner-operators, and traditionally un-factorable car carriers. As the Factoring side has matured, and our knowledge of the industry has increased, we noticed a trend, more specifically in the Car Carrier space. Many Factors do not bother with Financing these carriers because of the risks involved, and the complexity of the underwriting. However, AA Bankers is willing to work with Car Carriers, especially those Carriers with dealer contracts. Dealers have begun and will continue to increase the pay period in which they disburse payments to Carriers. AAB will service these Carriers and purchase those Invoices.

Offering Additional Services

AAB has created a place for drivers to come and fulfill every need of their business. We have our Service offerings to include, financing, factoring, insurance, and working capital solutions. We save you money on fuel, finance your trucks with industry leading rates, and get you on the road faster with our repair financing options. Our insurance tracking and brokering insures you’re paying the lowest possible for the most possible coverage. And our Factoring services puts the money in your pocket when you need it, and not when it’s most convenient for the load providers.

Want More?

Reach out and drop us a dime! Email us at , or call in to 786-681-0737 and ask about our Factoring and Financing resources. We want to help you grow.