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Right on Time: Tractor Trailer Repair Financing

At AA Bankers, our bread and butter business is the financing of Commercial Truck & Trailer and Personal Auto. Anybody who knows trucking, knows that these trucks tend to break down at the worst times, and these repairs can be extremely costly. Not just the repairs themselves, but the down time that the truck isn’t on the road is costing your business money. Luckily, AA Bankers offers Repair Financing to expedite this process and minimize your losses.

One of our owner-operator clients approached us after a missed payment letting us know his truck had been down for a week and he was bleeding cash trying to make up the volume with his second truck. His truck had broken down due to engine failure, and his trailer was also damaged from a separate incident. He was quoted $13,500 for repairs that NEEDED to be done to get the truck back on the road.

We analyzed the value of the truck and the repairs, coordinated with the mechanic and financed $12,000 of the repairs. This quick turnaround got this owner operator back on the road, saving his business from collapse.

The issues faced by our client:

  • Average FICO score of 600;
  • Manages a small fleet;
  • Pulling the assets necessary for repairs would have meant hindering the fleet’s cash flow and hindering ongoing operation.

What we did for our client:

  • Gave flexible terms for monthly payments;
  • Reduced downtime of the truck to 1 week, creating as minimal impact as possible on his ability to produce;
  • Minimized the exposure faced by our client by depleting his cash flow if repairs would have been paid by him.

At AA Bankers our commercial financing is unmatched, and our commitment to keeping our clients on the road is unrivaled. Send us an email at, or call 786.681.0737 to learn more about our Repair Financing program.